Sunday, November 27, 2011

Marshmallow Pizza?

One of the highlights of the book launch of Box of Shocks was being presented with Oliver's "most favourite food in the whole world" . . . marshmallow pizza. Rea put this together, and later in the evening, I had a taste. I can assure you, it was VERY sweet. I can confirm that marshmallow pizza is most definitely something Oliver would declare to be his favourite food. As for me . . . well . . .

Out to Launch!

Thanks to all of the 250 or so people who came out for the Box of Shocks launch. What an evening! These two photos captured the left hand side of the crowd followed by the right hand. I missed a whole bunch of people on either side and a bunch at the back, but I think you get the idea. Many thanks to Silke, Heather, Loyola, Rea, Lisa, Melanie, Madison, Josh and many many more who helped make this such a great event.

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Great Box of Shocks Book Hunt!

The Box of Shocks Book Hunt is officially off the ground . . . er . . . in the ground . . . or whatever . . .

Anyway, thanks to a small army of dedicated GPS-slinging book hiders, copies of Box of Shocks are scattered in remote and not so remote locations throughout British Columbia.

Would you like to find one? Of course you would! Just go to and you can get all the details of how it works.

A special thanks to Amy and her friends in Victoria, Nancy in Nelson, Ivor in Williams Lake, Sheena in Prince George, Chris (not me) in Armstrong, Shannon in Salmon Arm, Karen and Geoff in Whistler, Gord in Golden, and Peter in the Lower Mainland for all of their efforts and enthusiasm.