Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fact or Fiction?

At the two schools where I work as a teacher-librarian, we are having a monthly writing challenge for all students.  Our first challenge was called:  "Fact or Fiction."  Another title to this could be "Two Truths and a Lie."  Here's how it works:

Write three statements about yourself.  Two of them are true, while one of them is made up.  Here's my own personal example:

1.  I met Michael Buble at the Vancouver Airport.

2.  I finished third in my age category at the Reino-Keski Salmi ski loppet last year.

3.  I once went swimming in Kalamalka Lake near Vernon in January.

Two are true and one is false.  Can you guess?  Leave a comment below with your guess for which one is not true.

We are encouraging all ages of students to enter, with the little tykes getting help from their parents.  Everyone has about three weeks to enter the challenge.  During this time, entries are read over the P.A. system in the school or at assemblies.  At the end of the challenge, there is a random draw from all the entries for some prizes.

The purpose of the challenge is to get students and their parents involved in a variety of creative writing activities that are challenging and a whole lot of fun.

If you have any questions about this challenge or wish to further discuss this idea, please contact me at my email address: