Thursday, March 5, 2009

Where Do Ideas Come From? #4

Another event in Klutzhood which was based on a memory of mine was the scene where Arlo had to ride his bike through the school.  When I was in grade six, I went to a small boys’ private school.  The building was one long hallway from end to end with classrooms off this one long hall and doors at both ends.

After school one day, one boy dared another to ride his bike from one end to the school to the other and out the far door.  Unfortunately, he got caught by the janitor.  The next morning, at our regular assembly, the two boys were punished in front of the entire school.  (Let’s just say their punishment was rather painful.)  The incident of that bike ride through the school seemed to fit perfectly with one of the dares X gave Arlo.

So, there you go.  When you’re writing, the memory churns out ideas right when you need them.  The only catch is, I can’t force ideas to come forward.  They have to come forward of their own volition.  All I can do is relax, and keep an open mind.  Then, the ideas will just jump out of nowhere and announce their arrival.  In creative writing, there’s never a dull moment.

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