Friday, February 13, 2009

High Prairie Reading Challenge

The brave, young readers of High Prairie, Alberta are undertaking a perilous challenge.  They are facing a barrage of 34,610 words that will show no mercy, take no prisoners, and leave the faint of hear quaking in their boots.  Yes, let the World of Literature know that the young readers who frequent the High Prairie Municipal Library are taking on the Klutzhood Reading Challenge!

To survive the challenge and emerge victorious, young readers are required to read the book and commit every tiny, miniscule detail to memory.  Who knows how difficult the questions might be? 


  • What is the seventeenth word on page 96?
  • What was the size (in cubic centimetres) of the engine in the truck Arlo’s mother drove on his first morning of school?
  • What was the colour of Pinball’s left eye?

Don’t worry, kids!  I don’t think the questions will be quite so obscure.  But still, to win the challenge, you will need to remember many, many details.

To help you prepare for the challenge, I thought I would offer up some tips in the next few days which might help you with your memorization of the novel, Klutzhood.  Stay tuned.

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  1. Hi Chris. Just looking through your blog and wondering if you should mention that your next book is coming out in April? Heather