Friday, February 27, 2009

Where Do Ideas Come From? #2

So, where do these ideas spend their time until they jump forth?  I’d say they live a life of quiet luxury in some deep dark corner of my brain.  I’m sure some ideas live quite contentedly, and never feel the urge to spring forward into my wakeful mind.  Others just won’t leave me alone.

Most ideas get their start in personal experiences.  Some quirky little experience I’ve have sometime during my life will take up residence in my brain and stay for good.  When I look back on my first two novels, Buddy Concrackle’s Amazing Adventure and Klutzhood, many of the events portrayed are based on memories of past experiences.  Not that I climbed through air ducts or rode a bike through the school or anything.  

That’s the beauty of fiction.  Novels can be like a tall tale of your own life.

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