Sunday, October 31, 2010

Spontaneous Writing

Quiet Chaos

Okay, so here's the result of thinking over those randomly generated words . . . Quiet and Chaos. This piece is short and could serve the basis for a longer piece of fiction.

A riot broke out at the Marcel Marceau School of Mime when it was announced that white makeup would be severely rationed. This dangerous problem was soon defused when an anonymous donation of twenty cans of white latex paint arrived at the front gates under the cloak of midnight. The donor remains a mystery, although the school's principal may know more than any of us could imagine. Since that chaotic day, a quiet peace has reigned at the school. How long this peace will last has been thrown into question as rumours persist that a worldwide shortage of invisible boxes is looming. Caution is advised. There’s nothing more dangerous, nothing more frightening, than an angry mime.


  1. :) I'll have to try that word generating site. lol.

  2. Haha! I just went and tried this. My first words where Economic and Killer!! So I gave it a whirl. This isnt my best since I just woke up like.... 10 minutes ago. But I had fun writing it. :)

    He drove into the parking lot. His economic cherry-red Minicooper squealed to a stop. He hoped out of his car slamming the door of the coop. And swiftly glancing down at a scratch on the door of his car. He frowned and looked up. The crowd gasped as his red cape fluttered in the wind behind him.
    "It's Mega Killer!" Screamed a plump lady.Her plump, short frame fainted to the concrete. The parking lot in front of Walmart grew quiet...
    "I WILL KILL YOU ALL! MUAHAHHAA!" Boomed Mega killer. But croud of people where soon saved by a small boy, I'd say about 7 years of age tugging on his pant leg. Mega Killer looked down in discust.
    "Child! I command you to stop that at once!" He hobbled around on one leg, the child clinging helplessly to the other. He stepped backward on once foot... And... KABOOM! Mega Killer hit the ground! By this time the Police where at the scence. And they took Mega Killer away! I must mention though that the 7 year old was extremely unhappy when Mega Killer was taken away. And to this day, No one but the gail-keeper ever saw Mega Killer again.

    Or so they think?

  3. Wow, Caroline. What a word combo you got. Thanks for posting your story– intense action or what!