Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Book Week Day 2

Wow.  What a whirlwind day!

In the morning, I presented to 130 very enthusiastic Grade 4-6 students at Sir Arthur Carly Catholic School in London.  We had a great time!  Thanks to Debbie Popovic for hosting the event and for whisking me over to Wilton Grove School.

At Wilton Grove School, I did a writing workshop with 50 grade 6 students.  We worked on revision, adding details and descriptive words to the world's most boring sentences.  The group proved to have wonderful imaginations and an eagerness to make their writing sizzle.  Thanks to Tara Phillips for hosting the event and providing all of the necessary supplies.

A taxi ride took me over to John Dearness Public School where I presented to 60 grade sevens and eights.  I always find it fascinating how different audiences can be depending upon their age.  There's such a huge difference between the responses I get with a grade 4-6 audience versus a grade 7-8 audience.  It was great to do a presentation to an older audience where I could go behind the scenes of my books and explain where the ideas came from.  Thanks to Beccy Adams for making a very impressive backdrop, borrowing her husband's hockey stick (a right hand shot, at that!) and providing a delicious fruit platter.

In all three schools today, I visited incredible school libraries with vibrant library programs lead by enthusiastic, innovative teacher-librarians.  Such lucky students in these schools to have these amazing library programs!

What's this?  Flowers?

After my three sessions today, I decided to go for a good long walk and sought out a nature preserve about two kilometres from the hotel.  It was great to see the spring flowers along the side of the trail which skirted along the shore of a lake.  Unfortunately . . .

. . . the trail got a tad muddy.  I ended up log hopping in a number of places.  I was slightly mindful, in a few particularly squishy places, that I should make sure I wouldn't sink in too deeply.  Chances are, if I did, the next person to find me would be some archaeologist in about 2712 AD.

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