Thursday, May 10, 2012

Book Week Tour Day 4

Last night, I took the train back from London to Toronto . . .

I got in very late, and the next morning arrived quite quickly.

Once in a while, a superhero appears out of nowhere to save the day.  Today, that superhero's name was Niki.  Monica's good friend picked me up at the hotel in the morning and drove me through the maze that is called "Toronto" out to Blessed Margherita School for my first presentation.

The hundred or so students were very energetic and eager to participate!  Thanks to Elaine for hosting the event!

Here I am in action . . .

Well . . . maybe not quite in action yet.  How about this . . .

Then, I had the opening of the Box of Shocks . . .

Safety First!  I always have someone standing behind, just in case they faint.

Right after the presentation, we headed back to downtown Toronto toward the GO station for a train I was to catch to Ajax.  Unfortunately, a combination of traffic, traffic and traffic conspired against us and we arrived too late to catch the train.

Was this a problem?  Of course not!  Niki drove me all the way out to Ajax.  We stopped for lunch, then she delivered me to the library in Ajax for my next presentation.  Thanks to Niki for going the extra kilometres, otherwise, today would have been Ajaxless.

The 85 kids in Ajax were a terrific audience.  They had such great ideas, were full of enthusiasm, and a joy to work with.  I also met Joel Sutherland, a fellow author who works in the library system in Ajax.  Check out his book on writing with Scholastic, plus his adult horror novel.  I know I am as soon as I get home.  Thanks to Cindy and Raj for making my visit to Ajax so enjoyable.

After, I hopped on the GO train in Ajax and went back to Toronto . . .

This is Union Station in Toronto.  An incredible building with an inspiring heritage.

Tonight, I caught the Via Rail train to Grimsby, Ontario– hometown of Vancouver Canucks' star defenceman Kevin Bieksa.

Tomorrow, my final official day of the tour in terms of presentations.  What a blur this week has been!

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