Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Book Week Tour Day 3

Another fast-paced, fun-filled, action-packed day!  (I'd better watch it.  Soon, I'll be wearing out the "-" key on my keyboard.)

First thing in the morning, I headed over to Wilfrid Jury School.  And what a school it is!

Warning!  If you are a teacher-librarian and do not want to get extremely jealous, DO NOT read any further!

Pictured below is Kathie Rose in her library– the most jaw-dropping library I have ever seen.
I was unable to adequately capture the library in one photo.  Above this photo are massive skylights that bath the entire room in bright light.  We have skylights back in the library at my school, Highland Park, but these skylights are way up and gigantic.  The layout of the library is also unbelievable.

But the best part of the library is their amazing teacher-librarian, Kathie Rose, who was a great host, providing a superb setup in the gym, coffee and even carrot cake.  She made my visit a great experience.  Thanks also to her great student helpers and all of her incredibly attentive students!

After two presentations at Wilfrid Jury, I hopped in a cab and tore across town to Tweedmuir Public School.  Right away, I did a presentation to a very enthusiastic group of grade 3-5 students followed by a different presentation to the grade 6-8 students.  My second presentation really emphasized the writing process an author goes through, and I was really impressed how focused the kids were.  I had some great questions from them, as well as terrific participation when I asked for them to share their experiences of things like jumping off cliffs into deep water, revisiting old houses they used to live in, and other experiences relevant to my books.  It was two great sessions.

Tweedsmuir School has one of the nicest front school yards I've seen.  It must be spectacular in the fall, with the large trees lining the front sidewalk.  This picture doesn't do it justice.  I guess if you want to really get the full sense of it, you'll have to visit.  If you do, say hello to my gracious host, Ilse Nel-Landers!
After my four presentations, I hopped in yet another taxi and headed to the Via Rail station, stashed my suitcase, and was footloose in downtown London for a few hours.  I managed to visit their spectacular art gallery and museum . . .
. . . featuring this rhino on the front lawn.  St. Thomas has their statue of Jumbo, and London has the rhino.

Winding through London is a river called, what else?  The Thames River.  They've done a great job of making a walkway/ linear park along both sides of the river.  Right across from the Museum/Gallery they have this massive fountain that shoots water out across the river.

And, of course, if this is London, it had better have a castle . . . And it does!

This evening, I said good bye to London and boarded the Via Rail train to Toronto which is where I'm writing at this very minute.  In another hour and a bit, I should be back in Toronto.  The train is definitely a great way to travel.  Very comfortable.  I just hope I don't doze off and wake up in Montreal.  Better stay awake!  Better stay awake!  Better stay awake!

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